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Handcrafted, unique, custom and one of a kind jewelry gives you the option of creating something truly special that is sure to become a part of you and become an heirloom for generations to come. Here at Harrison Jewelers located in Oak Park, Illinois, we create your own one of a kind piece of jewelry, designed just for you or a loved one.


Custom Engagement Rings

engagement ringsVery few occasions bring the excitement and joy that comes with getting married and starting a life together. Engagement rings and wedding bands can be a perfect symbol for representing that new start. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re unsure, our Bridal expertise and experienced staff will lead you in the right direction and help find or create a custom ring that matches your inspiration.

Traditional and Alternative Wedding Bands

In addition to traditional and simple styles, Harrison Jewelers also carries alternative metals for wedding bands. From gold, silver or platinum to titanium, Serinium, ceramic, steel, and much more, the broad range of choices for wedding bands have come a long way. Whether looking for something simple and traditional, or something unique and different, Harrison Jewelers has all your bridal needs.

Create your own masterpiece

custom jewelryCustom Jewelry from Harrison Jewelers comes in many levels and price ranges. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to give you the best possible value for the best possible price, without sacrificing quality, while also catering to the specific design of your jewelry. At Harrison Jewelers, we can also create a new piece of jewelry using your diamonds and gemstones from other jewelry you may have. The advantage of having a custom piece goes beyond being just jewelry, it becomes the perfect sentiment and memory of something that is close to your heart.


Tips to help you shop for diamonds from WGN Morning News

"Whether it's for an engagement, an anniversary or any special occasion -- buying a diamond can be a nerve-racking experience." said WGN Morning News. One of the "Consumers' Checkbook" teams came out to shop at Harrison Jewelers. From the news story, they came away impressed! Click on the post to see their video

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